Law Enforcement Relations


As a Senior Enlisted Naval Petty Officer with over 25 years experience working closely with law enforcement professionals, I have consistently been able to develop an environment of mutual respect between departments and their communities. My unique ability to accurately assess discriminatory and racist behaviors that create divisiveness has proven beneficial in building strong, united teams that are culturally sensitive and aware.  

I understand the challenges police officers face while working in diverse environments and have a proven track record of developing strategies to counter racist behaviors. With all that is happening between the police and the public, it is important to be proactive by obtaining the tools necessary to combat biases before they become a problem.

Driving Profits Through Improved Corporate Culture


Having worked with some of the largest companies around the world on their diversity and inclusion strategies, I’ve gained unparalleled insight into what works and what doesn’t. This allows me to offer a company like yours that chance to apply amazing techniques to improve working environments, drive profits and improve performance.